LETTER: Educator’s anonymous letter speaks volumes

To the editor:

Bravo, to the Marblehead educator that wrote the letter to the editor: “How will children remember the community’s response?”

It is frightening to think that this Marblehead educator felt as though he had to write it anonymously in fear of retaliation.

This letter should be sent out to each and every household by the acting superintendent.

This school committee has proven over and over again that it is not transparent nor inclusive.

They have alienated the SEPAC and METCO communities during the search for a new superintendent. Now talking ab out removing the gay pride and BLM flags. Next books removed from the shelves of libraries?

Our students, teachers and staff need to feel that they are seen, heard and accepted in our community. The world our children are witnessing is one of hate and violence. 

Our children need to see adults supporting the innocent victims of war. Our children learn by example. Our homes, schools, churches, temples, mosques should be a safe haven, not one of antisemitic, antiracist, homophobic language and actions.

I do hope my child is lucky enough to have this Marblehead educator sometime during her school years.  

Thank you for your words. Hopefully, they will be heard, seen and put into action by our community.

Mary McCarriston

Pinecliff Drive

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