LETTER: Teach that all human beings are precious

To the editor:

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names/words will never hurt me!

Obviously, we know that words will hurt us.

We had five children charged with antisemitic, antiracist and homophobic words. We had the BLM flag removed and now back up. I assume we have cameras, and that person should have a consequence.

Michelle Cresta’s email sent home hurt stakeholders’ belief that ALL victims of war should be supported by ALL of us. Words can cause so much grief, which turn to bullying.

Parents/grandparents and guardians, please sit your kiddos down and talk about teasing and bullying because it happens often. Don’t just sit and think your child is not doing it. They are! We have many awesome counselors who work each and everyday to work it through with their students. Finally, those who are being bullied just can’t take it anymore, and their only avenue is to file a violation.

We have vulnerable students in our schools that just want the feeling of belonging and acceptance. Taking flags down will just prove to them that they are NOT supported.

Flags are a reminder we support those in the gay community, the Black community, the autistic. We could add flags of different countries to use as school projects.

We take down these flags, what is next? Certain books being removed from our libraries?

Our country and our schools are a melting pot of ALL. Let’s teach our children and our community that ALL human beings are precious. Justice and liberty for ALL.

Mary McCarriston

Pinecliff Drive

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