LETTER: BOH and related comments

To the editor:

First, I’d like to commend the Health Board members and our Health Director for all their efforts and contributions to the BOH mission (much of it on their own time and expense). It is understandable that their dedication and emotional commitment can result in some spirited interactions that may “not look good” but as long as some positive results are affected, I say carry on folks, with vigor! For this reason, also I concur with the suggestion that maybe two more members should be added to the current board to provide a better and broader balance.

To the reported comments and suggestions about Narcan and fentanyl: it is praiseworthy we have the various means and methods available to readily save lives. But the fact that there’s a need is disturbing. The question we should be asking is, is there a deficiency in our town-wide prevention and educational efforts, especially within our school systems’ health and wellness curricula? (I was surprised to discover that there is no established liaison between the BOH and our School Department in this very critical area relating to our Marblehead youth.) The planned presentation by  MHS’ student counselor, Gina Hart, at November’s BOH meeting may be a welcome step forward in this direction.

On a related topic and from a national perspective, all American citizens should be aware that an estimated 75% of people ages 17-to-24 are ineligible to serve in the military, according to a Defense Department study. Quotas in all the armed services (with the exception of the Marines) have not been met for several years. 

The recorded statistics for recruitment ineligibility include: poor education, substandard physical fitness, substance abuse, criminal records and generally poor health (specifically, obesity).

On a local level, responsibility for deficiencies and corrective actions and solutions exist within the realm of all our Marblehead residents, parents and certainly the departments mentioned above

So who and how will this country be defended?

R.A. Erbetta
Chestnut Street

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