LETTER: Re: Noonan’s letter to the editor

To the editor:

I am responding to Select Board Chair Erin Noonan’s letter to the School Committee published in the Oct. 11 Marblehead Current.

Mrs. Noonan would do well to remember the separation of authority among the various town government boards. The School Committee is an independently elected board with a specific area of responsibility and the authority and autonomy to discharge its duties, answerable only to the voters of the town, as is the Select Board.

The Select Board is an administrative entity charged solely with implementing approved policy in accordance with the bylaws of the town. It may not further any agenda beyond set policy, nor should it interfere, or in any way try to influence the internal conduct of any other town board.

I cannot help but notice that Mrs. Noonan signed her letter “Select Board chair.” Are we to assume that the entire board is in agreement with her? Having seen only her signature, we can only hope that she acted only in her capacity as a private citizen, to have done otherwise would have been egregious overreach of limited authority.

In closing, I would admonish every member of every board in this town to be aware of and respect each other‘s boundaries and to act with dignity and restraint. Thank you.

Bill Kuker

Rowland Street

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