LETTER: Citizen decries School Committee’s approach

To the editor:

I write in regard to the Oct. 11 article in the Current about the hiring of Theresa McGuinness as interim school superintendent. Specifically, I refer to the following statement from the School Committee Chairperson Sarah Fox: “My concern, to be perfectly honest, is the vitriol in our community right now,” Fox said. “Whoever comes in, if our community does not give them a chance to do their jobs and prove themselves… that’s not setting them up for success.” These comments from Chairperson Fox perfectly illustrate the continued arrogance of this committee (or at least its chairperson). Any “vitriol in our community” is not and I doubt will be directed at an incoming and respected educator, but I suggest is properly aimed at the School Committee and its heavy-handed and impervious approach to its responsibilities. Witness the absence of any explanation for the firing of Dr. Buckey, the overt lack of candor by Mr. Ota in not telling the voters of his discrimination complaint against the former superintendent, the reluctance of the School Committee to return to the town the Coffin School property in contradiction to previous agreements and last but not least — “the dog ate my homework” excuse for the missing text messages in connection with the dismissal of Dr. Buckey. The continued arrogance and tone-deafness of the School Committee is breathtaking. Sadly, I am unaware of any process by which members of this committee can be recalled.

Harlan Strader

Risley Road

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