LETTER: ‘Spectacular’ tour by Marblehead Museum

To the editor:

My husband and I took part in the Marblehead Museum’s “Slavery to Freedom” walking tour on Sunday, Oct. 1, and it was spectacular.

Jarrett Zeman, the assistant museum director, was a dynamic and interesting speaker, and the sites he took us to are places I have walked and driven by over my many years in Marblehead, and never know the backstory to those locations. Many longtime Marblehead residents on the tour expressed the same sentiment, that this was all new information to us.

I highly recommend this tour! It is being offered again this coming weekend on Saturday, Oct. 7,  at 10 a.m. I also commend the Marblehead Museum for its fresh and thorough approach to these complex and sometimes uncomfortable topics. 

Eileen Mathieu

Longview Drive

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