LETTER: Lone tree? If not in Brooklyn, then here

To the editor:

I would like to add my support to the cause espoused by Starr Campbell last week (“Visible neglect hurts Marblehead”). Here are some of my observations as examples of non-maintenance of new trees.

— Two trees were planted along the sidewalk of Glover School a few years ago. They never had water bags. One has survived.

— The new intersection of Village and Pleasant streets. Nice patch of weeds. Why not also one tree?

— Outside CVS on Atlantic Avenue. Any bets as to how long these survive?  One is already showing signs of fatigue.

— How about Starbucks and its plaza? Dead or dying trees there also.

— Once leaving the Village Plaza (which also is no example of promoting green), the only green on Pleasant Street is the privately owned “island” next to The Beacon.

A few years ago, we voted $50,000 for more trees. I guess maintenance was not included, just planting.  

Go to Salem. They recently planted the strip running up to Washington Square with trees and shrubs. Double water bags on every tree and being kept replenished. Now there is a commitment to maintenance!

A lone tree where? If not in Brooklyn, then in Marblehead.

Walter Haug

Highland Terrace

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