A look at performing arts at MHS this year

Marblehead High School students and teachers are gearing up for another year of performances. Andrew Scoglio — lead teacher of the performing arts department, choir teacher and a cappella director — is excited for the many concerts and shows that various singing and performing groups have in store. He’s also looking forward to working with new additions to the music staff.

The cast of last spring’s production of ‘Legally Blonde’  COURTESY PHOTO

Though school only began for Marblehead’s high schoolers a few weeks ago, rehearsals for upcoming performances are already in full swing. The choir is preparing for its annual appearance at the town Veterans of Foreign Wars ceremony in Abbott Hall on Nov. 11, where they will perform classic pieces such as “America the Beautiful,” the national anthem and “Marblehead Forever.” More immediately, the choir will sing at the MHS open house this week for visitors.

Alongside the choir, most student singers are involved in at least one of MHS’ a cappella groups: Luminescence, The Jewel Tones and The Grizzlies. These groups have been invited to perform at Temples Sinai and Emanu-El this fall, and plan to participate in the Marblehead Christmas Walk by caroling along main streets and performing in various venues. Just before Thanksgiving, the MHS auditorium will host “Sing Free,” an a cappella showcase and preview of everything the groups will be working on in the coming year. Scoglio and a cappella director Colleen Inglis will be working together to organize all these activities and create new performance opportunities as the year goes on.

Aside from singing, the performing arts department is excited to welcome Rachel Michtom as the new band director. To watch the marching band perform, one need only head to a home game on the MHS football field.

Big things are in store for the drama club as well under the leadership of directors Thomas Rash and Ashley Skeffington, who has returned to directing after a one-year hiatus. The two directors plan to divide the theater duties of the year, with Skeffington taking charge of the spring musical and Rash the annual Dramafest production. MHS plans to bring a student-written play about pirates by senior Luke Menslage and junior Brady Weed to the 2024 Dramafest season.

“You might be wondering, ‘What’s this show about?’” said Weed about the co-written play. “We’re wondering the same thing.”

Though the musical has yet to be decided, Scoglio said he’s hoping to wow the students with a “big, TikTok-worthy, announcement” when the time is right.

The performing arts department is able to celebrate the beginning of another year full of exciting happenings and activities for students in part thanks to the support of Friends of the Performing Arts, according to Scoglio. FoPA is made up of parents who collaborate with school staff to raise funds and organize activities.

FoPA was responsible for putting together the music department’s Disney trip this past spring, advertising the 2023 spring production of “Legally Blonde” with lawn posters and public previews, and raising funds for transportation to countless venues and field trips.

This year, a goal of FoPA is to find creative ways to raise money to support the performing arts students’ travels.

To keep up with what’s happening with the MHS performers, follow the Instagram account MHSperformingarts01945.

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