BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Making yoga accessible with modifications

The following is an interview with Michelle Ball, owner of Michelle Ball Yoga. To learn more about her yoga classes, workshops and private sessions, go to

Tell us about Michelle Ball Yoga and why you started it. I decided to pursue a yoga certification during the height of the pandemic. After completing my certification, I wanted to share this practice with others knowing how much it had helped me, both physically and mentally. Once we were able to connect socially again, a friend of the family approached because she had heard I taught yoga. That was the beginning! A few of us began to meet outdoors at beaches and parks in Marblehead and it became a consistent weekly meet-up.  

Michelle Ball started her yoga business during the pandemic.  COURTESY PHOTO

After sharing this practice with both adults and kids, I see the positive effect it has on people after they finish a class. I think some people may be intimidated or hesitant to take a class due to being unfamiliar with poses and challenging movements and the stillness behind it. My goal in starting Michelle Ball Yoga was, and still is, to make yoga accessible for all by giving modifications and adjustments to meet yourself exactly where you are. The benefits are endless for building strength, flexibility and calm, while creating mindful movement.  

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? The best business advice I’ve received is “Fake it till you make it.” (I’m joking!) It’s important to find your niche and be the authentic best version of yourself. The people who need what you have to offer will come your way.  

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead, and why? I have many, but my favorite spot in Marblehead is Preston Beach. We moved here seven years ago, and Preston has so many memories for me whether it has been family walks throughout the year, special time with our dog or just enjoying a wonderful summer day on the beach. This has and continues to be a special spot where I teach yoga. too.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Something people would be surprised to learn about me is that I was a professional dancer/performer for 12 years prior to having my children. Both my husband and I have traveled around the world performing. I still teach dance on a weekly basis at a studio on the North Shore to all ages. Dance is still a large part of my life.  

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