CUZNER IN NATURE: The elusive green herons of Marblehead

I came upon this green heron hunting for snacks (frogs) along the edge of Joe Brown’s Pond.

Close-up of a green heron showing its distinctive rufous neck. COURTESY PHOTOS / RICK CUZNER

I find them to typically be very skittish unless they are on the hunt. Local ponds are an amazing place to watch for wildlife.

According to MassWildlife, this small wading bird has a wingspan of 26 inches and stands about 18 inches tall, although it frequently retracts its neck to appear shorter.

Adult green herons have a dark green to black crown, a rufous neck and a gray belly.

Green heron perched on a log, patiently waiting for its next catch.

They primarily feed on small fish and aquatic invertebrates, and they’ve even shown evidence of using tools like sticks to attract prey.

The Marblehead Current is proud to partner with photographer Rick Cuzner.

For the past 15 years, he has taken thousands of nature photographs that capture the wild animals who call Marblehead home.

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