Meet the Current’s arts and culture intern

The Marblehead Current welcomes a fresh face in arts and culture coverage: Benji Boyd, a junior at Marblehead High School, who will be helping the newsroom chronicle the town’s diverse artistic and cultural events for the upcoming year.

Meet Benji Boyd, the Marblehead Current‘s arts and culture intern, who’s as versed in martial arts as he is in the arts of the written word. From the dojo to the newsroom, this multi-talented junior at Marblehead High School is set to make a mark. CURRENT PHOTO / LEIGH BLANDER

Boyd’s affinity for writing traces back to his childhood.

“I’ve had a love for writing since a young age. I even attempted to write a novel in third grade, which wasn’t exactly a masterpiece,” he said with a chuckle.

Despite early setbacks, Boyd has continued to hone his craft and counts English as his favorite academic subject.

“An internship in writing seemed like an incredible opportunity,” Boyd remarked. “Even if I were just selling ads, being part of a team that focuses on something I’m passionate about is exciting.”

Boyd will juggle this internship alongside his duties as an editor for his high school’s newspaper, the Marblehead Headlight. He aims to use his position to inspire younger students to engage in writing.

“Freshmen often hesitate to publish their work,” he noted. “This year, my goal is to involve more students in the paper.”  

Outside of writing and editing, Boyd is a multifaceted individual. He holds junior black belts in both karate and jujitsu, and mentors younger students at his martial arts studio.

“Martial arts are both my source of income and a hobby. I devote a significant amount of time to them,” Boyd stated.

Art has been another constant in Boyd’s life, particularly sketching animals and people. His lifelong interest in art comes courtesy of his grandmother. Regarding literature, Boyd lists Donna Tartt and Umberto Eco among his favorite writers. A fan of historical fiction, he aspires to author his own works of either literature or history. He can see himself being a professor someday.

“My mom is a medieval history professor, so the idea of teaching appeals to me,” Boyd said.

In the immediate future, Boyd is eager to delve into Marblehead’s arts and culture scene. He has plans to cover events at key community landmarks like Abbot Public Library, Marblehead Museum, Marblehead Little Theater, private galleries and Marblehead Arts Association.

“I find a lot of inspiration locally,” Boyd observed about the town’s art shows. “Recently, I’ve seen a surge in abstract art, you know, like a broader range of artistic expressions.”

Boyd finds it relatively effortless to keep his finger on the pulse of Marblehead’s arts scene.

“Growing up here has its advantages; my family has been part of this community since the ’70s,” he said. “That really helps in staying connected. If something’s happening, it’s usually just a Facebook search away.”

He also lauded Marblehead’s close-knit community. “I appreciate how easy it is to discover activities and connect with people here.”

Boyd is especially fond of the town’s rich history.

“Marblehead has a timeless charm that I really value,” he said. “It definitely has an old footprint.”

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