LETTER: Mariner ‘feels like first-class hotel’

For those who are anxious to hear about the new independent and assisted living facility in town, The Mariner, I want to share with you our firsthand experiences.

My husband, Peter, has suffered with Parkinson’s and Lewy bodies the past 10 years, perhaps even longer. As his health has declined, we were so hopeful that once he could not live at home for various reasons, there would be a pleasant, caring, close, safe, memory care place to live.

The Mariner has met all these requirements and so much more. Not only do they provide excellent and compassionate care, the facility feels like living in a first-class hotel with an diverse assortment of activities, food that matches any fine dining and a welcoming social environment.

I know it was a long, hard struggle, but I think Marbleheaders can now feel proud of providing such a well-needed home for folks who need/want to move on to the “next chapter.”

Penny Blaisdell

Harding Lane

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