Gerry No. 5 VFA Awards 2023 Scholarships

On Aug. 6, the Gerry No. 5 Veteran Fireman’s Association held its annual scholarship reception. Each year, the organization awards several scholarships to high school seniors. Funded through various fundraising efforts, these scholarships honor past Gerry members.

The 2023 Gerry 5 scholarship recipients include, from left, Connor Cronin, William Finnegan, Lucas Homan, Nicholas Granata, Carter Laramie, Christopher Locke, Ian Maude, Ciara Espaillat, Katherine Bickell, Isabelle Harvey and Alba Mehu-Tormo. Not shown: Caroline Brennan, Ciara Graves, Olivia Hoover and Samuel Annese. COURTESY PHOTO

The scholarship committee reviews numerous applications each year, evaluating grades, extracurricular activities, community service and work experience. The 2023 Gerry No. 5 Scholarship Committee comprises Joan Champlin, Tom Voyer, Norm Sherwood and Peter Cuffe. The 2023 scholarship recipients are as follows:

— Carter Laramie: John Banks Scholarship

— William Finnegan: Frank M. Camarda Vocational Memorial Scholarship

— Connor Cronin: Frank M. Camarda Athletic Memorial Scholarship

— Caroline Brennan: Lorraine E. Camarda Family Trust Scholarship

— Christopher Locke: Ronald Champlin Memorial Scholarship

— Ciara Espaillat: Edgar Snow Doliber Memorial Scholarship

— Samuel Annese: Thomas Hartnett Scholarship

— Lucas Homan: Joseph Homan Scholarship

— Ciara Graves: John S. “Jack” Humphrey Scholarship Fund

— Katherine Bickell: Jody E. LaLonde Memorial Scholarship

— Nicholas Granata: Thomas Roche Scholarship

— Isabelle Harvey: Robert D. Ross Memorial Scholarship

— Olivia Hoover: Richard Tutt Scholarship

— Alba Mehu-Tormo: Howard “Wardie” Williams Memorial Scholarship

— Ian Maude: John Stuart “Stu” Curtis Memorial Scholarship

The students come from Marblehead, surrounding communities and other states. Ciara Graves, for instance, is from Virginia and is the daughter and granddaughter of longtime Gerry No. 5 members. Her 96-year-old grandfather, Emerson Graves, accepted her scholarship on her behalf.

The recipients also represent a diverse cross-section of interests, backgrounds and aspirations. Many expressed interest in STEM fields, sports medicine and entrepreneurship in Marblehead.

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