LETTER: Resident urges focus on trail repair, not bridge beautification

To the editor:

As a Marblehead resident who spends a minimum of 2 hours a day on our wonderful rail trail, I was disappointed to learn that the town appropriated $1.4 million of federal pandemic relief funds on two bridges, rather than address the surface of the trail itself. The two bridges are perfectly fine while the rest of the trail suffers from erosion and the wear and tear of traffic. The exposed rocks, eroded gullies, large non-draining puddles, and narrowing of the soft sand are hazardous to those of us that use the path regularly. This should have been the priority for the funds, not the bridges which function just fine and provide a stunning view of the harbor. I know that I am not the only regular trail geek that feels this way.

Marcy Schwam

Garden Road

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