LETTER: Transparency matters: School Committee must justify actions

To the editor:

The Marblehead School Committee is overstepping its bounds in its closed door decision to remove our superintendent. This is problematic for many reasons, but I am particularly disappointed that the committee is not considering the advice and opinions of everyone in our community. It appears that the committee listens to the loudest critics, disregarding the opinions and advice of others. The volunteers who work to support our students, staff and school leadership are being ignored. Citizens who have their finger on the pulse of the school cultures are being ignored.

In my role as a volunteer, I have met regularly with Dr. Buckey for the past three years and I have always been impressed by his optimism for our district. He is a person who shows up for students and staff. This spring he ran laps with kids at our Fun Run and cheered from the audience of Village School chorus concerts. He’s at almost every performance, big sporting event and cultural celebration. This kind of support matters to families.

The removal of a dedicated superintendent during the summer when most families are checked out of school happenings can be described as sneaky at best. The removal of the superintendent not only costs our town and taxpayers money we don’t have, but also sets our district back years. We deserve to know the reasons why the School Committee is removing the leader of our district.

Abby Lewis
Park Lane

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