LETTER: ‘Marbleheaders have long memories’

What has happened to democracy and caring in Marblehead? We have always taught our family and friends about how wonderful our town is, especially because our citizens care about our town and each other. Our school committee has just negated all our years of promoting Marblehead. Within days of their election,this new school committee put aside everything a democracy stands for and what they campaigned on transparency, fiscal responsibility and putting our children’s educational needs in the forefront. Where is the transparency they promoted and promised?

The School Committee did not think of the full picture or the future implications, both financially and educationally, for our children. They just had to act on personal agendas without caring about the town as a whole.

And most important, why was public input denied? The School Committee’s action will prove to be political suicide for them. Marbleheaders have long memories.

David Becker

Nonantum Road

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