LETTER: Buckey’s ‘body of work’ warrants retention as superintendent

To the School Committee:

The measure of someone’s performance should not turn on whether you agree with every decision made or not made, but rather on the body of their work. With that in mind, I write to express my support for Dr. Buckey to remain as our superintendent.

Throughout Dr. Buckey’s tenure, he has shown unwavering dedication to our children, transparency in leadership and a genuine commitment to the betterment of Marblehead’s educational system. As a result, it is disheartening to hear about the efforts to terminate his contract.

This is particularly the case because:

1. Dr. Buckey has led the district through the pandemic and the reopening of schools and, as such, understands what this district needs going forward and is uniquely positioned to continue to improve our children’s learning, instruction and social-emotional well-being — this includes his work on the district’s strategic plan, Planning for Success.

2. Dr. Buckey’s leadership and inclusive decision-making — which accounts for all stakeholder interests — has had a positive impact on our school and broader communities.

3. The district will be ill-served — financially and reputationally among residents, prospective residents, and potential district employees and leaders — by early termination and attempting to secure what I believe would be the eighth superintendent in a 15-year span.

4. The School Committee has not yet articulated a reason — let alone a material cause — for terminating his contract early; it has not found his leadership lacking; in fact, it previously credited his leadership by extending his contract and approving a raise.

I urge the School Committee to reconsider moving forward on a vote for early termination of Dr. Buckey’s contract and give him the opportunity and support to continue his important work in cultivating a positive, inclusive and successful academic environment for our students and community.

Thank you.

Brian Birke

West Shore Drive

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