LETTER: An open letter to the Marblehead School Committee

I hope that you will all be comfortable sitting there behind your screens at this evening’s meeting!

In the interests of transparency and community engagement, could you please explain why tonight’s meeting is not convening in a hybrid format?

Could you please share why the early termination of Dr. Buckey’s contract is even up for discussion, let alone up for a vote?

Dr. Buckey received a 5-0 vote of proficiency on his latest performance evaluation, what on earth merits this action?

Is this a personal vendetta against Dr. Buckey?

Do you honestly believe that terminating his contract will leave our district in a better place than it is today?

Do you think that we have the additional $94K, plus legal fees, to pay Dr. Buckey off?

Do you think that we have the finances to engage in a protracted legal battle should you choose to terminate Dr. Buckey with cause?

In just 37 days, this newly-seated committee has brought our school district to its knees.

Do you honestly think we are going to have a plethora of candidates applying to fill Dr. Buckey’s position should you terminate his contract?

If you truly believe that all of this is the correct course of action, please know that this decision will haunt our district for years to come, put an end to any hope of a future general override, and decimate any confidence that the town, our families, and our teachers have in our schools.

If, by some quirk of fate, you decide not to terminate Dr. Buckey, do you honestly think you have created an environment in which he can move on and function effectively?

You have undermined and denigrated Dr. Buckey, as well as Michelle Cresta, and created a toxic work environment for our entire administration.

There is only one decent and honorable course of action that you can take. You must all resign from this committee immediately and before any vote is taken on Dr. Buckey’s contract. You have allowed your personal feelings to cloud any remnant of good judgment that you might have had and are not fit to make that decision.

Paul Baker
Overlook Road

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