On the waterfront: Jordan’s Launch offers harbor rides

“We’ve had a great first year,” Rich Jordan told the Current on a recent summer afternoon about his public launch service, Jordan’s Launch. Stationed at the State Street Landing since last summer, Jordan’s Launch is available to anyone who needs a harbor ride.

“We started [Jordan’s Launch] because, out here, there was limited public access,” said Jordan. He explained that people who aren’t members of a yacht club can take his launch, as well as boaters visiting from out of town who need to get to rented moorings. The cost is $10. 

 Rich Jordan, owner of Jordan’s Launch, operates his boat, Finn, which is named after his black lab. CURRENT PHOTO / CLAIRE TIPS

Those who have no particular destination but are simply looking for a harbor cruise can also use Jordan’s Launch. Jordan shared his favorite harbor cruise story about a retired man, roughly 90 years old, who had never seen Marblehead from the water before but was finally able to do so with Jordan’s Launch.   

“We just checked out the boats,” said Jordan. “We were out for about 20 minutes, nice summer night, and we got in and he asked ‘Do I have to get off?’”

Finn, named after Jordan’s 8-year-old black lab, is the only boat that is currently operating out of Jordan’s Launch. The single boat works pick-ups and drop-offs anywhere in Marblehead Harbor. A second boat is being built and will be named Huck, after Jordan’s 2-year-old black lab. 

“If I want to expand I have to get some more dogs,” Jordan joked. 

Jordan’s labs aren’t the only members of his family involved in the launch service. Jordan’s daughter, Sarah, is in charge of hiring, scheduling and more. 

As for the future of Jordan’s Launch, Jordan hopes to leave a lasting impact on the town of Marblehead so that everyone is able to enjoy the harbor. “We don’t know where we’ll end up,” he said. “But we’re here for the long run.”

Jordan’s Launch is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and 10 p.m. on the weekends, rain or shine. 

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