Marblehead climate activist honored with Heroine Award

Dr. Eileen Mathieu, a Marblehead resident, has been recognized for her instrumental role in local environmental advocacy with the 2023 Commonwealth Heroine Award.

Dr. Eileen Mathieu, middle, is seen celebrating her 2023 Commonwealth Heroine Award at the Massachusetts State House with Renee Ramirez Keaney, left, and state Rep. Jenny Armini. COURTESY PHOTO / State Rep. Jenny Armini

Mathieu was presented the award in a late June ceremony organized by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women in the Great Hall of Flags atop Beacon Hill. The award celebrates women who make impactful contributions to their communities.

Mathieu, a physician and active environmental leader in Marblehead, was nominated by a group of state representatives, including Rep. Jenny Armini, Democrat of Marblehead, who praised Mathieu for her dedicated efforts towards enhancing the community and the environment.

“Eileen is that rare leader who builds consensus with sharp intelligence, patience, careful listening, discernment, deep care and a belief in the power of individuals to change the direction of their communities,” said Armini.

In her roles on Sustainable Marblehead’s Clean Energy and  Public Policy Committee and the town’s Green Marblehead Committee, Mathieu has been central in focusing the town’s attention on the climate crisis and driving policy development.

One of Mathieu’s major achievements includes her integral part in the creation of Marblehead’s Net Zero Roadmap. This comprehensive plan sets the town on a course to achieve its climate goals a full decade before the state’s 2050 deadline.

“Eileen embodies Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s famous line: ‘Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.’ And they are,” said Armini. “Thanks to Eileen, Marblehead and the Commonwealth have a brighter, more sustainable future.”

An active member of the community, Mathieu also enjoys sailing, cycling and bird watching. Despite her accomplishments, Mathieu remains humble and credits her achievements to the collective efforts of her team.

“Everything I’ve done has been done with a team, a corps of people who’ve pulled together to make a difference,” Mathieu told the Marblehead Current.

Established in 1998, the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women annually organizes the awards, aimed at promoting equal opportunities for women in the Commonwealth and celebrating those who make a difference in their communities.

“Commonwealth Heroines are women who don’t make the news, but make a difference,” stated the commission’s chairwoman, Dr. Sarah Glenn-Smith. “They are mentors, volunteers and innovators who perform unheralded acts daily that enrich the lives of others in their community.”

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