OBITUARY: Katie (Katherine) Neumann

April 15, 1965-Jan. 22, 2023

Katie Neumann, a longtime resident of Lynnfield and Marblehead, was laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery in Lynnfield on Flag Day. Katie passed away peacefully at the Treasure Coast Hospice House of Stuart, Florida.

Katie Neumann

Katie was a loving Down syndrome adult who brought joy and smiles to everyone she met. Her infectious smile and comforting hugs were always available to family, friends and all she met on her journey through life.

She loved boating with her family aboard the Ten N’s, spending many summers in Marblehead and Maine waters.

Later in life, Katie lived in Stuart, Florida, where she loved to go out for lunch or for a mocha frappuccino. She regularly enjoyed going to church and being with her friends at ARC of Martin County, Florida.

Katie had been a volunteer with her dad at the Elliott Museum and Treasure Coast Hospice.

Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, to Mike and Kay Neumann, Katie is the youngest of nine. She is survived by her siblings, Dotty Bousquet, Diane Peluso, Sue Such, Jim Neumann, Bob Neumann and Kevin Neumann. She was predeceased by her parents and siblings Michael Neumann and Mary Farrelly.

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  • I am saddened by the death of sweet Katie. Our family and the Neumann’s were cruising friends and members of The Boston Yacht Club in the 1970’s. My youngest brother Eric and Katie both had Down’s and were the most loving, happy kids that were both enjoyed by our families. The Neumanns were just a pleasure to spend time with, they had 10 kids and we had 8 so we all had an instant “summer camp” while on cruising vacations during the summer. I still see Kevin from time to time and remember all the fun that we had. Both Katie and Eric were the center of that fun. I want the Neumanns to know that my family cares…Katie was quite a beautiful, loving girl!

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