LETTER: Baker would bring level-headedness, open mind

To the editor:

We’re writing in strong support of Paul Baker for the School Committee. In a time when discord seems to reign over meaningful discourse, Paul brings a level-headedness and an open mind to any situation in which he is involved. This doesn’t mean that he’s afraid to voice his opinion, however, nor does he shy away from difficult conversations. As a former small-business owner here in town, a seven-year member of the Board of Trustees at the Charter School (holding positions such as Vice-Chair, Clerk of the Board, Chair of the Personnel Committee, and Chair of Communications and Development), and as the current Head of School at Devereux and Devereux@Waring, he has gained an exceptional amount of knowledge related not only to working with others but also to what strong leadership looks like under a variety of circumstances.

The mission of the School Committee is to equip our children not just with the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions to society, but also with the values with which to do so. Most people would identify equality, respect, tolerance, compassion, integrity, and hard work as many of those values. Paul demonstrates them all through his actions. He leads by example.

You may not know that Paul was not a U.S. citizen until this past spring. Perhaps you didn’t realize this because it didn’t stop him from participating in community events and community meetings, all aimed at making Marblehead a better place for everyone. He also supports inclusion initiatives and the hiring of a Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Our goal should be to make everyone feel welcome and to teach our children to do the same. Once again, Paul leads by example — he leads through his actions.

Our community needs School Committee leaders who are willing to work together for the betterment of our children, not to fulfill personal agendas. By providing them with the appropriate tools, resources, and guidance, we can help shape a more informed, compassionate, and cohesive society that benefits all of us.

Paul Baker is our choice to help promote this pathway.

Chris & Marika Bruell
West Shore Drive

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