LETTER: Return Erin Noonan, Alexa Singer to Select Board

To the editor:

Here are some reasons why I am voting for Erin Noonan and Alexa Singer to return them to the Select Board:  they are really engaged in strategic planning about the vital issues that we all, but especially our elected leaders, need to attend to . Among those issues are the following:

The fiscal well-being of the town so that we thrive, not just get by, in our schools.

Affordable housing for our teachers and town employees and returning graduates.

Attractive business policies and decisions to help grow our tax base and keep the town vibrant.

Smart carbon-emissions awareness and policy-making to help this vulnerable sea-side town weather the coming storms of climate change.

Erin and Alexa are intelligent, considerate, deliberative, engaged women who care a lot about the past and the future of Marblehead.  

 I will also be voting for Bret Murray to join them  – a returning, important voice on the Select Board.

You can read much more about all of them in last week’s Marblehead Current and also by googling them to reach their websites and Facebook postings.

I hope you will join me on June 20 in voting for these three proven progressive leaders.

Mimi Hollister

7 Glover Square

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