LETTER: Shop local, and vote local

With over 20 years of Marblehead elections experience, I remain puzzled that so few vote in town elections.

As a poll worker and registrar for many years, I noticed over 80% turnout for presidential elections and 60+ % for gubernatorial elections, but town participation has run from a low of 10% to a high of 40% over these past 20 years.

Town elections have consequences that directly affect our daily lives in significant ways. A low turnout may present elected officials with a false impression of what the town really wants or needs.

I especially encourage young voters (18-40) to vote on June 20.

Decisions made that day will have an effect on their future as well as the future of our beautiful town.

Walter Horan

Intrepid Circle

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  • Judy Gates

    I totally agree about the importance of Marbleheaders voting for our own town candidates. I’ll be at the polls on June 20 as an “Election Official.” Don’t miss this important day.

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