‘Superheroes’ rescue dog off Riverhead Beach

Two people are being praised as “superheroes” for rescuing a dog that swam too far from shore at Riverhead Beach on May 12. Fire Chief Jason Gilliland told the Marblehead Current that he happened to be there to see David Haley of Marblehead Marine Construction save the pup.

Moments after a dog was rescued off Riverhead Beach on May 12. COURTESY PHOTO / AMY GILLILAND

“As a witness to a rescue of a dog in distress last Friday, I laud the selfless act of David,” Gilliland said. “Had David not responded with his boat to the rescue of a dog that had swam too far out and became exhausted, the dog most certainly would have met his demise.”

The dog’s owner, Jennifer Diamont O’Leary, took to social media to express her gratitude.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dave Haley from Marblehead Marine Construction and Jill Dillon Hough for saving my dog’s life today,” she wrote.

O’Leary said her dog swam out too far while chasing a family of ducks. Jill Dillon Hough and her daughters were there and swam after the dog, but couldn’t catch him.

Hough then asked Haley, who was nearby on his boat moving a dock, for help.

“He drove me out immediately, dock attached still, and saved my dog who was struggling to swim and breathe,” O’Leary wrote on Facebook. 

“My dog would have definitely drowned today if it wasn’t for Dave and Jill,” she wrote. “I was a bit shaken after and didn’t thank you as much as I would have liked but you’re both superheroes and saved a beloved family dog.”

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