CUZNER IN NATURE: Eastern screech owlet perched in forest canopy

Marblehead nature photographer Rick Cuzner says of this photo, “Historically, Mother’s Day weekend is when I usually start finding baby eastern screech owls while walking through the local woods. Some appear a bit early, while others arrive a bit later.

“During one of my walks to check out a nesting cavity where I have witnessed several owlets grow up over the past couple of years, I spotted a recently fledged screech owl perched on a branch, not more than 2 feet off the ground. It wasn’t a great hiding spot considering all the other wildlife around.

“When I returned the following day, I discovered the owlet far up in the canopy of a group of trees.”

During one of my walks to check out a nesting cavity, photographer Rick Cuzner spotted this recently fledged screech owl. COURTESY PHOTO/RICK CUZNER
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