LETTER: Give leaf blower ban a fair chance

I do not understand how Article 47 came to be on the agenda this year.

It calls on Marblehead residents to rescind the bylaw we only just passed last year to ban the use of gas-powered leaf blowers during the summer months.

After we passed that ban in 2022, it took another 120 days for the attorney general to turn it into a new bylaw. This means that the ban was never in effect in 2022. How can you rescind a law which has never been tested? What new evidence could you possibly present when there was no change from prior years?

Nobody successfully convinced the AG to not approve this ban during those 120 days before it officially became a bylaw. What is the point of this appeals period if it can be stretched to what are now 360 days?

I hope we vote down this attempt to reverse the will of the residents of Marblehead. 

Felix Twaalfhoven

Doaks Lane

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