LETTER: Articles 51, 52 would help foster informed citizenry

To the editor: 

Your article “Select Board runs afoul of the law” (Current, April 19) points out the problem in our town of incomplete minutes from the Select Board on one occasion. In this case, an alert citizen complained to the AG’s Office.

But most boards and committees are derelict in providing informative and timely minutes. How can we know what is going on in town? 

Townspeople want to know what is going on! We may be sick, disabled, have old or young to care for, or just be too tired to get to a meeting.

The best way to ensure informed citizens is to make attendance and observation of meetings convenient for all.

Articles 51 and 52 address the need to make it easy for people to know what is occurring (or what occurred) in meetings. Synchronistically or asynchronistically, we should use up-to-date equipment to provide the knowledge of who said what. How modern!

Lynn Nadeau

Surf Street

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