LWV OBSERVER CORPS: Recreation and Parks, Feb. 7

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BODY: Recreation and Parks Commission

DATE: Tuesday, Feb. 7

LOCATION: Jacobi Community Center Conference Room


The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Derek Norcross. All members were present. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


Members of the pickleball community attended the meeting to question the closing of the courts at both Seaside and the Vets. After much discussion, it was decided to open the courts at Vets in two weeks with the approval of the School Department, as long as there isn’t ice or snow. The players will bring portable nets.

New business

The board approved installing two 18-by-18 numbers on the softball backstop to remember two longtime players. A request for a softball tournament (which has been held in the past) on Sept. 23 was approved pending insurance, etc.

MOU with School Department

The superintendent of schools and School Committee chairperson will be invited to the Feb. 28 meeting to discuss the commission’s questions about the memorandum of understanding.


The superintendent presented a proposed budget with a 7-percent increase to the members. They can email him with any questions. He will meet with the Finance Committee on March 27.

Parks Peter James

  • Peter questioned the $279 due to maintain the Sustainable Marblehead website, which was designed to raise money for landscaping projects on park properties. There has been no activity or donations in response to the site. They will discuss this with the Tree Committee.
  • The tennis nets at the high school have been lowered.
  • Brush on the high school walkways has been cut back.
  • There is a new sign at Field 4 at Gatchell’s.
  • The Rainbow Zone “carpet” needs repair and is under warranty.
  • Work on the Stramski house is progressing.

Recreation Jaime Bloch

  • Registration for summer programs just opened, and the response has been huge.
  • There is one more week of February programs, and after vacation there will be more outside programs.
  • The ski trip to Bradford was very successful.
  • The Daddy-Daughter Dance is coming up the Friday before Easter.
  • Five hires were approved.

There was some discussion about the designated areas where floats can be worked on at Riverhead per order of the Conservation Commission. This will be made clearer in the Float Storage Agreement.


  • A request from the Burlington School Department to bring first graders to Chandler Hovey on May 24, 25, 26 and June 8 was approved with a charge of $50 a day.
  • A neighbor of the pickleball courts at the Vets sent a letter complaining of noise and thanking the Commission for closing the courts.

The next meeting will be on Feb. 28.

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