LETTER: ‘No more damaged tires’

To the editor: 

I agree the bumpouts will slow traffic and prevent passing on the right side of a standing auto.  Perhaps permanent standing poles along the narrowing curbs would help to alert drives of the upcoming bumpouts.  Also, a white stripe on the road to signal the narrowing of the road.  No more damaged tires! Go for it.

I am not so happy regarding the exits from the Post Office on to Smith Street or from Village Street onto Pleasant Street.  Rather than facilitating exits to the right from these stop lines, I find it impossible to turn right without going over into the opposite lane of Smith Street or Pleasant Street.  If traffic is coming in that opposite lane, this condition becomes more problematical (dare I say, dangerous}.  Already, drivers have ridden over the grass areas attempting to negotiate this very narrow Village Street-Pleasant Street right turn.  Would not more gentle curbs have allowed for a more gentle entry at these intersections?  Ah, but that life were more gentle. 

Very truly yours,

Walter Haug, Highland Terrace

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