Marblehead police log, Nov. 23-30: Fire engulfs patio chairs, diamond earrings go missing

Excerpts from the Marblehead police log of Wednesday, Nov. 23 through Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022. Consistent with state law, Marblehead Police have adopted a policy of not providing to media outlets reports related to incidents related to domestic violence, juveniles and matters that remain under investigation.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

9:36 a.m. Officers assisted with stuck tractor-trailer on Washington and Franklin streets.

10:11 a.m. Pitman Road resident reported receiving grandparent scam phone call.

10:53 p.m. Officers could not locate disturbance reported on Pleasant Street.

11:11 p.m. Officers were dispatched to the area of the Riptide Lounge for a report of some sort of disturbance, possibly a fight. Officer arrived to find man laying in the road with a group of people in front of him. The man stood up as the officer exited his patrol car, and the officer instructed him to lean against the hood of his cruiser. A group of kids began yelling that man had not done anything wrong, while another person yelled that the man had snatched a chain off of another person’s neck. Other officers spoke with the group of kids, while the first officer to arrive detained the man and placed him into the back seat of his patrol car until officers could get a better sense of what had happened. Another officer found the missing necklace on the ground in front of the Riptide and returned it to its owner. The man had a moderate-sized bump on the left side of his face, and he could not recall how it had gotten there or what had happened, nor could anybody else. The man twice declined any medical attention and was released from detention as his friends called for a ride home.

Friday, Nov. 25

1:37 p.m. Person was transported to the hospital after vehicle accident on Atlantic Avenue and Adams Road.

6:57 p.m. Helped firefighters investigate report of smoke in kitchen on Stonybrook Road.

Saturday, Nov. 26

1:53 a.m. Officers went to the area of Ocean Avenue and Wallace Road to investigate a report of a fire, which turned out
to be on the outdoor patio behind a home on Ocean Avenue. The fire appeared to have engulfed some patio chairs but had not reached the home. Officers went into the home to alert the occupants and evacuate them, including the homeowners, their son and some friends who had slept over. Everyone was brought outside and then allowed to return to the home after the Fire Department had extinguished the fire. The damage was limited to a small amount of burn damage to the exterior wall of a garage and the patio chairs, which had been melted and destroyed.

Sunday, Nov. 27

10:39 a.m. Road hazard reported on Tedesco Street.

10:47 a.m. Caller on Riverside Drive reported that Christmas lights had been cut.

2:16 p.m. Caller complained about construction work being done on Sewall Street.

4:41 p.m. Intrepid Circle resident reported that her diamond stud earrings valued at about $6,500 were missing and presumed stolen. Asked about people who might have entered the home, resident said she trusted the woman who cleans the home but was less sure about the different people she sometimes had helping her. She was reporting the theft on the advice of her insurance company.

10:01 p.m. Officers responded to Abbot View to investigate a report that the caller’s daughter had left house. Report filed.

Monday, Nov. 28

8:32 a.m. Larceny, forgery or fraud reported on Washington Street.

12:03 p.m. Caller on Brook Road reported having lost a navy diaper bag.

9:36 p.m. Peace restored after disturbance on Turner Road.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

3:39 p.m. Investigated report of larceny, forgery or fraud on Seaview Avenue.

5:02 p.m. Officers were dispatched to Pleasant Street at Bessom Street to investigate report of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. While en route to the scene, dispatcher informed officers that the person who had been struck by the vehicle was conscious and walking around and that the driver was standing by on scene. Upon their arrival, the pedestrian who had been struck was standing on the sidewalk on Pleasant Street talking on her phone. Officer noted that the pedestrian was wearing all dark clothing, and although the roadway was lit by a streetlight, it was still very dark outside at the intersection. The driver told officer that she had been stopped at the stop sign on Bessom Street when she took a left turn onto Pleasant Street and was driving approximately 3-5 miles per hour when she struck the pedestrian with the front of her vehicle. The driver stated that she did not see the pedestrian crossing Pleasant Street, as it was dark outside, and the pedestrian was wearing all dark clothing. The driver also explained that pedestrian was not using a crosswalk to cross Pleasant Street. According to the officer’s report, the driver was extremely shaken up and visibly upset and concerned for the pedestrian. Her vehicle did not have any visible damage to it. Another officer took a statement from a witness. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital by ambulance to receive further medical care for her injuries.

6:06 p.m. Officer went to the JCC and spoke with the front desk clerk, who had received a “weird” phone call from a woman who was later identified. Clerk said the caller asked questions about the facility but spoke very fast and did not seem to make much sense. The caller had not made any threatening remarks but did mention the state of Texas a couple times. Officer determined that caller seemed to live and be calling from Texas. Clerk directed the fast-talking woman from Texas to call back during normal business hours to speak to the JCC’s director, which seemed to satisfy her.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

9:10 a.m. Officer investigated a report regarding a bicycle chained up on Maverick Street.

11:29 a.m. A backpack of unknown origin or ownership was reported on Lime Street.

2:21 p.m. Officer took report after vehicle crash on Village Street.

3:03 p.m. Officers assisted at the scene of a stove fire reported on Barnard Hawkes Court.

5:25 p.m. Electrical outage reported on Clifton Heights Lane.

5:26 p.m. A tree that had fallen down on a car was reported on Smith Street.

8:57 p.m. Tree branch reported down on Preston Beach Road.

9 p.m. Investigated report that tires had been damaged on roadway on Tedesco and Maple streets.

10:37 p.m. Tree on wires reported on Smith Street.

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