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You’ve heard of #GivingTuesday, the “global generosity movement” launched in 2012. Its purpose, envisioned by New York City’s 92nd St. YMCA, is to highlight the opportunity to financially support non-profit organizations, community groups, aid networks and the like, after Thanksgiving and the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping abates.

Well, because journalists are good with words, a clever writer morphed this one day fundraising opportunity into #GivingNewsDay! It’s your chance to support thriving, local independent journalism and the strong community and democracy it supports. Good journalists still abide by the “5 Ws” when it comes to independent reporting: Who, What, When, Where and Why. So let’s follow that format to explain how you can help support local, independent journalism on #GivingNewsDay.

WHO – That’s simple – it’s us, the Marblehead Current, the town’s only non-profit newspaper! We are staffed by veteran local editors and journalists and guided by a volunteer board of directors and advisors.  The Current is active across all digital and social channels with a print edition  now arriving weekly in your mailbox.   

WHAT – Last year #GivingTuesday raised $2.7 billion from more than 35 million people.  Whoa!  We hope worthy organizations across the world benefit from the same level of generosity this year.  On #GivingNewsDay our much more modest ambition is to raise funds to support core needs of our Marblehead-based newsroom –  Add to our freelance team; Buy press passes for our journalists; Improve technology supporting digital news, Support the production of the new print edition.

WHEN – #GivingNewsDay is Tuesday, Nov. 29 but feel free to get a jump on it! We are still participating in the NewsMatch campaign so your donation now gets matched 1:1 up to $1,000. Make a one-time or recurring donation and it will go that much farther in supporting The Current.

WHERE – Donating is simple.  Click this link to donate using a credit card or mail or drop-off a check made out to Marblehead News Group at 217 Humphrey St., Marblehead, MA 01945. Because we’re a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible.

WHY – The Current is part of a growing national trend and bright spot of journalism, joining a network of more than 400 newspapers and 2,500 journalists who are filling the local news void.  Our beloved Reporter was bought and gutted by a media giant and we don’t want to see a local paper rise, only to fall again.  Two newspapers got Marblehead through 150 years.  We’re here for the next 150!

Thank you for your enthusiastic welcome and for your generous support, this #GIvingNewsDay and every day.

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