Marblehead, Swampscott real estate transfers, Sept. 26 – 30, 2022

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BHNS LLCPemille and Gregory Martin1 Pearl St09/30/20221800000
Jeffery Rockwell and AnneMarie MaleyLaura Heagler and Susan Hill6 Ocean Ave09/29/2022635000
Thomas Drinkwater and Doris A. Sims RET12 Intervale Road RT and Matthew Wolverton12 Intervale Rd09/27/2022565000
Bradley Sherwin and Meredith CoughlinChristina D. and Max G Kley13 Goldthwait Rd09/27/20223200000
Joseph LemayScott and Amy Krypei17 Kenneth Rd09/30/20223200000
99 Lake Elizabeth LLC4J Homes LLC18 Middle St09/27/2022649300
Lisa Kovac-Barone and Edward KovacNancy I Poyer T27 Washington St09/29/2022563025
Mary Rocket and Peter ReuterDupar FT34 Bubier Rd09/29/2022710000
Scott G. MooreNierman Charles S Est47 Glendale Rd09/28/2022608000
Karl and Corey Strohmeyer Prusence Garniss IRT69 Naugus Ave09/28/20221000000
Kira and Daniel KimNany Collins LT269 W Shore Dr09/30/2022639900


Molly Kasper and Anthony BarrassoJoseph McDougall Jr. 24 Vaughan Pl09/30/2022490000
B&G International LLC44 Essex Street RT and Catherine E. Wilson44 Essex St09/29/2022595000

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