Marblehead Museum to host lecture on historic Essex County crimes

Robert Wilhelm, author of ‘Murder and Mayhem in Essex County’

What do a Salem ship captain, a perky soprano, and a female pirate all have in common? They’re the subject of the Marblehead Museum’s next lecture, “Murder and Mayhem in Essex County”!

Join Robert Wilhelm on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. as he presents true crimes from the colonial era to 1900, including a few featuring notorious Marbleheaders, like the murder of Capt. Joseph White.  With biting wit and an eye for the macabre, Wilhelm lays out the evidence and allows you to decide whether the accused are guilty or if the facts suggest another solution.

This lecture costs $10 for Museum members and $15 for the public. The lecture may be viewed in-person or via Zoom. For tickets, visit

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