Marblehead golfers rock the courses to begin season with five wins

The Marblehead golf team (5-1) opened the 2022 campaign with a convincing win over Peabody at
Tedesco on Aug. 30, 50-22. They won seven matches and tied two to secure the triumph.

Senior co-captain Matt Weed (5.5-3.5), sophomore Jacob Hershfield (6-3), junior Charlie Grenier (8-1), sophomore Marty Ryan (8.5-.5), junior Matt Mahan (7.5-1.5) and junior Adrian Baron (5.5-3.5)
accounted for the victories.

Senior co-captain Jacob Aizanman and senior Christopher Locke tied their matches.

Weed and Ryan were the medalists after, shooting 35s. Six players broke 40, including Grenier
(36), Locke (39), Aizanman and Mahan, not to mention Weed and Ryan.

Coach Bob Green’s team then defeated undermanned Saugus the next day at King Rail Golf Club for its second straight win. The Sachems were missing three players because of illness, and as a result the Headers took all five matches.

Locke was the medalist of the day after shooting an even par 34. Ryan, Weed and Grenier also broke 40.

The Marblehead boys won their third straight match after beating Winthrop, 48.5-23.5 on Sept. 8.
Baron (9-0), Aizanman (7.5-1.5), Ryan (7-2), Hershfield (6-3) and Mahan (6-3) recorded the victories.

Weed and Grenier tied their opponents. Sophomore Marty Ryan was the team’s medalist versus
Winthrop with a 37.

The Headers won their fourth straight match to remain undefeated on the season, topping Lynn
Classical, 50-22, at Gannon.

Hershfield (5-4), Grenier (6.5-2.5), Ryan (8-1), Aizanman (6-3), Mahan (9-0) and Baron (9-0) picked up the victories. Ryan was medalist of the day after shooting a 39.

But this week on Sept. 14, rival Beverly spoiled their quest for a perfect season with a 39-33 win at

Weed and Mahan were the only Marblehead players to secure wins after edging their Beverly
opponents, 5-4. Locke and Baron tied their matches. Weed, Locke and Mahan were the medalists,
shooting 39s.

The Headers bounced back the next day on Sept. 15 to defeat Salem, 52-20 at Old Salem.
Weed (7-2), Locke (7-2), Grenier (7.5-1.5), Aizanman (6-3), Mahan (8.5-.5) and Baron (9-0) were credited with the wins. Weed was the medalist of the day, shooting a 37.

There are seven players back from last year’s team, which went 10-5. The team is already ahead of its 2021 pace, when it lost two matches by one point to Swampscott and Masco, and one by two points against Gloucester.

The returnees are Weed, Locke, Hershfield, Grenier, Ryan, Aizanman and Adrian Baron.

Rounding out the 2022 squad are Mahan, a St. John’s Prep transfer, and alternates freshman Toby
Grenier and junior Cam Comstock.

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