2nd main break connected to Marblehead Highlands project surfaces

Marblehead water crews earlier today fixed a water line break after a contractor allegedly stuck it, but a second break surfaced on Wednesday night, the town reported in a townwide email around 8 p.m.

“As was previously reported by the Water and Sewer Commission, a contractor struck a waterline today causing a break in the town’s water distribution system,” the Marblehead Water Department wrote. “The break was repaired immediately by the water crew. However, the disruption from the break caused a pressure differential that resulted in the second break-in another location.”

A water main break was connected to a construction project at Marblehead Highlands on Hood Lane may be leading to residents experiencing low water pressure. COURTESY PHOTO

Both breaks were allegedly connected to a construction project at Marblehead Highlands on Hood Lane, leading to residents possibly experiencing low water pressure, discolored water or disruption of water service, according to an alert issued by the town’s Water Department around 1:20 p.m.

“That second break has been located and isolated. The water distribution system has returned to normal operations,” the town’s email read. “At this time the crew is preparing to make the necessary repairs to the second water main break.”

The Water Department said it also sent messages directly to residences that may be affected by temporary water service disruptions.

Residents who experience discolored water are advised to flush their water system by running a faucet in their sinks, cold water only, until the water clears. Residents should refrain from running hot water or doing laundry until the water runs clear, the department added.

Residents with questions should call the Water Department at 781-631-0102.

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