LETTER: ‘We need to elect Jenny Armini’

Letter to the editor

Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize the importance of state and local governments.

In this time of brazen and dangerous attacks against our voting rights, our reproductive rights, our right to marry whom we want, our right to health care, and the refusal to address climate change, we need strong state legislators to protect what Congress and the Supreme Court will not.

We need someone who represents our values as Americans, as Democrats, as progressives. For these reasons, we need to elect Jenny Armini as our representative for the 8th Essex District.

I met Jenny just after the 2016 Presidential election. She organized a large group of devastated and angry people into Elect Blue. We focused on flipping Congressional districts around the country in the 2018 mid-terms. Because of Jenny’s executive acumen, Elect Blue played a role in the “blue wave.”

Jenny Armini is the only candidate who will be ready to go to work on day one. She is the only true progressive candidate with the organizational, legislative, and grass roots  experience so necessary for this job. She is the one we must send to Beacon Hill. I proudly support Jenny Armini. – Jennifer Martelli, Ruby Avenue

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