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Stephen Bach is the owner and chief of surgery at The Digital Docs in Marblehead.

Computer acting a little strange lately?

You may have been hacked. 😥 

Here are a few warning signs to be on the lookout for:

1️⃣ Your antivirus is misbehaving.

Are you getting virus warnings, yet you know your antivirus is turned off? Do any of your warnings look a bit odd… even fake? Antivirus wonkiness is a telltale sign of a compromised computer.

2️⃣ Passwords stopped working 

If you’re getting error messages and can’t access certain sites, but know you typed the password in correctly (and you haven’t changed it)….odds are you’ve been hacked. 🤦 

3️⃣ Data leaks

If your data, such as personal info, pictures, financial details, or any of your creative property gets posted online but you didn’t put it there… hackers could be the culprits.

4️⃣ Computer seems possessed 👻  

If, like a scene out of a scary movie, your cursor starts moving on its own, or you discover files moved (but you didn’t move them), or out of the blue new icons show up on your dashboard when you launch your browser… this is NOT normal and highly suspect. 🤨

5️⃣ Redirected to different websites

Have you ever typed a web URL into your browser and landed on an entirely different website? 🤔 There could be hacking involved. Another dead giveaway is the sudden appearance of ads or pop ups.

6️⃣ Computer is slowwwww

Does it take forever to perform even a simple function with your computer? If the slow down seems especially sudden, this could indicate foul play.

Stephen Bach is the owner and chief of surgery at The Digital Docs in Marblehead.

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