Marblehead real estate taxes due Aug. 1

Real-estate taxes for the first quarter of FY23 are due Monday, Aug. 1.

Checks should be made out to the “Town of Marblehead” and strongly recommended to be mailed to:

Tax Collector

Town of Marblehead

P.O. Box 806

Reading, MA 01867-0406

(The above is a correct mailing address) 

Tax payments (checks only) can also be dropped in the red mailbox at the Mary Alley Municipal Building, 7 Widger Road.

Taxpayers can also use the town’s online payment feature offered through City Hall Systems. To pay by eCheck, credit or debit card, visit

-or –

Go to the town’s website and follow the steps below:

On the home page select “Pay Bills” (in blue box) and then click on  “Property & Excise Tax Payments.” Follow the instructions to sign up and pay under the “On-line Tax Payments” section.

Questions concerning the payment of taxes can be directed to the Tax Collector’s Office at 781-631-0587 or email:  

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