NAMING CONTEST UPDATE: Suggestions streaming in

Residents have been flooding the Marblehead News’ inbox with ideas for a new permanent name for the town’s new, nonprofit news source.

In no particular order, some of the suggestions we have received include:

  • MarbleHeadlines
  • Marblehead Scuttlebutt
  • Marblehead Ticker
  • Marblehead Forever
  • Marblehead News Messenger (or just “Messenger,” though we need to check with the legal department on that)
  • Marblehead Navigator
  • Marblehead Gazette
  • Dateline: Marblehead
  • Marblepress Press
  • Marblehead Times
  • The Marblehead Coastal
  • The Marblehead Coast
  • The Marblehead Shore
  • Shoreline Marblehead
  • Marblehead Voice
  • Marblehead Wave
  • Up for Air
  • Marblehead Monitor
  • Marblehead at a Glance, a.k.a. Marblehead Glance
  • Marblehead Mainsail

At least a couple of people think we should just stick with “Marblehead News.”

Have a favorite from among this initial batch of suggestions? Send a letter to the editor at and defend your choice.

Have a better idea? We’re accepting additional suggestions at through midnight Sunday, June 26. See further details about the naming contest here.

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